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The Cookie Pixie is a MISt (Master of Information Studies) candidate living in Canada, with a B.A. (Hons) in East Asian Studies (Chinese) and B.Ed. in Mathematics. She speaks some Mandarin and Cantonese, teaches piano and juggles (albeit not very well).

When not catching up on piles of reading, she enjoys sleeping, video games and writing.

Community InvolvementEdit

The Cookie Pixie infrequently contributes to the Read or Die Wiki and the Read or Die Livejournal Community. She also enjoys roleplaying and writing fanfiction and drabbles. Her favourite characters are Yomiko Readman and Donny Nakajima.


The Cookie Pixie thinks projects are for people with dedication and motivation. Basically, not her. She might finish those episode summaries sometime soon, though.

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