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Found this site and was looking at it. Timeline seems pretty good, but the final two entries labeled 2006 and 2007 I believe are off by a year. At the very beginning of R.O.D the TV Nenene mentions Yomiko's been missing/Nenene has not been writing for "over four years"--since Yomiko would have gone missing in 2001, it should be 2005 (the series begins in April, according to the date of "Sweet Baby Anita's Pure Diary). The events of the series occur over a year, so it ends in mid 2006. I'm not 100% sure of this--it's possible if the R.O.D OAV took place in 2001 technically Yomiko might not have "disappeared" until 2002, but I think the former is correct. The editors may wish to check on this. Thanks, Death Quaker (not a member at the mo), 10:24 PM EST 28 February 2007.

Episode 14 clearly states that I-Jin attacked in 2001 and the British Library was destroyed in 2002 (which we learn happened approx. 9 months after the attack from other dating clues). Since we know that the destruction of the Library was first in the sequence of events that led to Yomiko to go into hiding, we can determine that the series starts in 2006, as that is four years after Yomiko went into hiding. - MiB March 8, 2007
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