Music by Taku Iwasaki

Track ListingEdit

  1. R.O.D -Opening Version-
  2. R.O.D Theme -You must be kidding, Miss Readman Version-
  3. R.O.D Theme -Public Pressure Version-
  4. Health and peace
  5. Death in the country
  6. Read or Die Suite ~Untouched by humans
  7. A Feeling is already war
  8. Time of blue
  9. Does a sleeping book have dreams of being republished?
  10. The adventure of a bookshelf inspector
  11. They occasionally come home
  12. A shadow goes
  13. R.O.D Theme -I Love Hong Kong Version-
  14. Let my tears stream
  15. A buddy
  16. R.O.D Theme -After all I love books Version-
  17. R.O.D
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