R.O.D the TV
"In the Gray Light of the Abyss"
Episode no. TV 17
Airdate January 1, 2004 (Japan)
April 6, 2005 (US)
Year 2007
Episode chronology
Previous episode "Fahrenheit 451"
Next episode "Confession"

Episode SynopsisEdit

The girls are nearly overwhelmed by the power of the British Library, but the people of Jinbocho rally back long enough for Drake Anderson to reappear and lead them to safety.

Extended SummaryEdit

As the fire burns, Yomiko tells Wendy to stop the book burning. Wendy replies that the books must burn for Joseph Carpenter's plan to succeed. Yomiko tells Wendy of Joseph Carpenter's true personality, but Wendy does not care. Yomiko is shocked that the warm and lovable Wendy Earheart from the Read or Die OVA has been replaced with her current viciousness. Wendy demands the Gentlemen book and follows Yomiko's eyes to Nancy Makuhari. The Special Operations Division troops are halted by Nenene Sumiregawa and an angry crowd. Wendy shoots Yomiko in the leg and labels her a traitor to the British Empire. Another gunshot is used to silence the crowd.

A smoke grenade is thrown and Drake Anderson ferries the group to safety. Joseph Carpenter appears and takes control of the situation. The 1 book store owner who attempts to assault Joseph Carpenter is thrown to the ground and Joseph Carpenter informs the crowd that martial law had been declared in the area for "the good of the people".

The group manages to escape to Yomiko Readman's parent's house in the mountains of Saitama. There, Michelle and Maggie are delighted at all the books present. Anita goes outside and talks with Drake. Drake does not know much about the burning of the library, but is amazed that Yomiko could have been driven to such rage. He also wonders what happened that caused Joseph Carpenter and Wendy to lose their humanity. On a shelf we see a photo of Joseph Carpenter and another person who is certainly Donny Nakajima.

After everyone is asleep, Junior appears to steal the Gentlemen book, however, Nancy stops him. When he starts to shoot her, Yomiko says that Nancy is his mother.


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