Read or Die character
Sonny Wong
Gender male
Age unknown
Nationality Chinese
Occupation paper master of Dokusensha
Seiyū unknown
Voice Actor unknown


Sonny Wong (Sunny Wong) is a Papermaster employed by Dokusensha.


He's overall mysterious and quiet, wearing sunglasses and a large coat. He's incredibly strong physically and has no qualms about killing people to achieve his task.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Papermaster, Sonny Wong manipulates paper with his will to achieve his goals. Sonny Wong is easily one of the strongest paper users in the series: his paper still functions in water and he doesn't require movements for some of his actions, weaknesses that only he and Yomiko Readman have overcome. Other feats include blocking gunfire with sheets of paper, impaling a woman in a pool of water and ripping apart one of Maggie Mui's puppets with his bare hands.

TV Series PlotlineEdit

Sonny Wong first appears in They Shout. He appears again in Seduced by the Night.

He challenges the Paper Sisters during "Twilight of the Paper" arc and proved to be too much for them. Michelle fires arrows and Maggie sends a number of paper puppets, but both attacks are easily blocked. He responds by throwing his own projectiles, which Maggie blocks with her own paper. Finally, he strips the Paper Sisters' of their paper (including their clothes) and attempts to kill them with it; Michelle Cheung barely shields the attack in time.

Michelle and Anita King leave to find another path to find Nenene Sumiregawa while Maggie stays to fight Wong. The two appear evenly matched until Maggie cuts the bridge they are standing on, forcing Wong to plummet to his death. Just when she thinks it's over, a chain of paper catches Maggie's ankle and drags her down to the falling structure: Sonny is still alive.

The two continue to battle, Maggie attacking with puppets and Wong returning with thrown weapons. Maggie is constantly forced to retreat until the bombs Junior planted in the building detonate, unleashing a torrent of printer's ink. Maggie dodges with a flying puppet, but Wong is caught and grabs Maggie's foot to save himself.

Maggie and the audience get a view of Wong's furious face, without his sunglasses, before he loses his grip and gets swept away. It is assumed that he is killed.

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