R.O.D the TV
Maggie Nenene Wendy
Episode no. TV 22
Airdate February 16, 2004 (Japan)
May 25, 2005 (US)
Year 2007
Episode chronology
Previous episode "D.O.D -DREAM OR DIE-"
Next episode "Lie to Me"

Episode SynopsisEdit

Wendy Earheart finds and captures Maggie Mui and Nenene Sumiregawa, but her true plan is yet to come.

Extended SummaryEdit

Maggie Mui and Nenene Sumiregawa are revealed to be alive and hiding out somewhere in Japan. When Maggie leaves their hotel to find supplies, Wendy Earheart joins Maggie in the elevator. She shows a photograph of Anita King surrounded by soldiers, and offers a trade: Anita for Nenene. If Maggie doesn't comply (or kills Wendy), Anita will die.

Maggie staggers back to the hotel room, but is unable to tell Nenene the truth. Nenene has returned to writing while Maggie is busy pondering her decision. She comes out to take Nenene to the British Library. Nenene is silent at first, but quickly figures out the situation and agrees to the handover. Maggie insists on joining the 2 as they travel to the handover point.

Michelle Cheung and Junior are still in hiding. Michelle wants to meet the others, but Junior insists that it is too dangerous. Michelle starts to name people who are waiting for them, but when she says "your mother" to Junior, Junior reacts strongly against it, rejecting Nancy Makuhari as his mother. He says that when he phased into The Book of Clairvoyant Eyes, he learned everything about Nancy, the British Library, and the 3 sisters.


  • Maggie's line "the world is made to help people find each other" is a reference to Anita's conversation with Junior in The Seventh Grade Course.
  • The hotel Maggie and Nenene are hiding out at is the Kurata Hotel.
  • Wendy hints to Maggie that Michelle is dead ("You're the only one who can save her now"), as the latter would be uninformed about this.
  • Nenene asks Maggie, "What were you reading in my books?", a reference to Lee.
  • In the original Japanese, Wendy tells Nenene and Maggie that they've captured Yomiko, Nancy and "one other". In the English dub, this is revealed to be Drake Anderson.
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