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Maggie Mui always gets absorbed in whatever she's reading. But when she gets her hands on a book called The 24 Faces of Maggie Mui, she starts transforming into one character after another! Also, Anita King and Maggie come up with a bibliophilic exercise plan for a suddenly pudgy Michelle Cheung, Anita visits a mixed-up fantasy world populated by characters from children's books, and the sisters are hired as bodyguards for a very unusual author... which leads them to another confrontation with Lily the Reader Extraordinaire!

Story by Hideyuki Kurata and Art by Ran Ayanaga.


Many Maggies


  • In Japan, the manga had the title "Shin (New) Read or Die".

Release InformationEdit

  • Japan
    • Release Date: 19 November 2004
    • Serialized in: Ultra Jump
    • Published by: Shueisha
  • United States
    • Release Date: 13 March 2007
    • Page Count: 200
    • Published by: Viz Media

Extended SynopsisEdit

Chapter 16Edit

While exploring a used book store, the mysterious shop owner gives Maggie a book titles "The 24 Faces of Maggie Mui". When Anita comes home, Maggie races to her side, dressed in a frilly maid's outfit, baking cookies and acting in an uncharacteristically cheery mood. After sitting her sisters down for tea, Maggie collapses and then berates her sisters for being lazy. Maggie now believes herself to be a trainer, with her clothing changing for the part as well, for the Hong Kong Pep Squad Leaders, which she also believes her sisters are a part of.

Maggie soon collapses again and she now believes herself to be Maggie China, King of Hong Kong, and she is now dressed in an outfit Anita terms "indecent." Michelle and Anita run off and determine that the book Maggie was reading is the cause of the trouble. They re-enter the room to find Maggie has changed outfits and personalities again. While she still thinks that she is Maggie China, she is somewhat more under control. Anita talks to Maggie about how much she misses her real sister, which is able to reach Maggie through the Maggie China personality. Anita and Michelle then take this opportunity to destroy the book. This reverts Maggie to her normal personality and she is left with no memory of what happened.

Michelle later finds herself in the same bookstore where the owner offers her The 7,600 Faces of Michelle Chan.

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Bonus StoryEdit

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