Read or Die Novel
Novel 4
Proceeded By Read or Die Novel 3
Followed By Read or Die Novel 5
Year Published 2001

Written by Hideyuki Kurata.


Yomiko travels to Britain for a special assignment to deliver a single sheet of “Gutenberg Paper”, one of the pages from the famous Gutenberg bible. But first, Yomiko meets Faust, a 1000 year old paper master in a child’s body and a prisoner of the Library. Dokusensha, the Chinese counterpart to the British Library, sends two paper masters to get the Gutenberg paper; Yomiko and Nenene bear the brunt of a vicious attack from Dokusensha’s agents, but Yomiko escapes, paper in hand!

Japanese Release InformationEdit

  • Release Date: 2001年7月30日
  • Page Count: 239
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