Read or Die Novel
Novel 3
Proceeded By Read or Die Novel 2
Followed By Read or Die Novel 4
Year Published 2001

Written by Hideyuki Kurata.


This volume collects 3 novellas, each dealing with a different heroine. The first story depicts junior librarian Wendy Earheart's attempt to get assigned to the Special Operations Division with the help of her co-worker Karen and first introduces Jiggy Stardust, the Library’s resident paper expert. In the second story, Nenene Sumiregawa has to adjust to fame as she is attacked by a knife-wielding stalker at her first autograph session. Finally, Yomiko uses her knowledge of Robinson Crusoe when a Library mission ends with her being trapped on a desert island. When Joseph Carpenter arrives with a rescue party, they find Yomiko has drawn a giant message in the sand: “GIVE ME BOOK!”

Japanese Release InformationEdit

  • Release Date: 2001年3月30日
  • Page Count: 239