The Paper Sisters as featured in the Read or Dream manga are only few of the Papermasters existent in the ROD universe.


A papermaster (in Japanese 紙使い|kamitsukai) is a person who has telekinetic control over paper and objects that contain paper. The ability is genetic. Papermasters can also nullify each other's abilities; a stronger papermaster can turn his opponent's paper into his/her own weapon. Skill varies with the person and with varying strength and success.

In the Read or Die novels, papermasters can use only special paper which is created by Special Operations Division scientist Jiggy Stardust. In "R.O.D the TV" continuity as well as the Read or Die manga continuity the papermasters can use any ordinary paper, including magazines and paper money (which is not entirely made of paper).

Dokusensha masters such as Ridley Wan and Sonny Wong are capable of fighting multiple opponents at the same time.

The Paper Sisters require large amounts of real paper. Anita King requires a thick book to block bullets. Maggie Mui's large creations can be easily destroyed by damage. Michelle Cheung requires multiple arrows to severely wound an enemy wearing body armor.

The Special Operations Division masters such as Donny Nakajima and Yomiko Readman can block a bullet with a single sheet of paper. They can use the "near paper" of banknotes.


  • Chain pages together and form strong whips and ropes
  • Counterfeit and forge documents
  • Create clothing
  • Form and control large objects such as aircraft, ships, and puppets (given sufficient amounts of paper)
  • Form sharp blades with the edge of the paper
  • Form shields, some powerful enough to defend from bullets and bombs
  • Form weapons such as swords, staves, longbows, and arrows
  • Mentally throw paper at an opponent
  • Trace people with paper, sometimes over great distances


  • Fire: paper still remains flammable
  • Sound: some sound frequencies are known to nullify paper abilities by breaking the person's concentration, these frequencies also seem to cause pain in papermasters and others with superhuman powers
  • Water: if paper is too wet, it cannot be used
  • Will: paper manipulation needs a strong will to use. If a papermaster has any doubt in his abilities, he will be unable to accomplish more advanced feats. If a papermaster is knocked unconscious, the paper under his control is released and can be moved by anyone.


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