Otto Lilienthal, the Historical FigureEdit


Lilienthal, the historical figure

Otto Lilienthal (23 May 1848 – 10 August 1896), the German "Glider King", was a pioneer of human aviation. He was the first person to make repeated successful short flights in a fixed-wing heavier-than-air glider, following an experimental approach first established earlier in the century by Sir George Cayley. Newspapers and magazines in many countries published photographs of Lilienthal gliding, favorably influencing public and scientific opinion about the possibility of flying machines becoming practical reality after ages of idle fantasy and unscientific tinkering.

Otto Lilienthal, the I-jinEdit


Lilienthal, flying in his steam-powered glider

Otto Lilienthal, an I-Jin cloned from the 19th century German inventor. He is fitted with a steam-powered glider, which can change into a more aerodynamic rocket. He's quite adept at flying it, able to dodge bullets and fly through buildings in it. In addition, he is armed with grenades and a gun.

Lilienthal is overconfident and seems to have a high ego of himself. This backfires when Yomiko Readman devises a plan with Nancy Makuhari to eliminate him.

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