Outside the Nishihama Junior High School

Nishihama Junior High School is the school Anita King attends in R.O.D the TV.

Anita is enrolled in seventh grade, where she makes friends with Hisami Hishiishii and meets fellow students Natsume Nishizono and Tohru Okahara. Other students include Tohko Shigeno (brown hair in pigtails), Chiho Iwata (long black hair with pink clip) and Ryuji Kitayama (Tohru's friend), although they are rarely referred to by name.

The school has many clubs, as it is a rule for students to be in one. Clubs include the library, tennis and track.

In The Seventh Grade Course Anita is enrolled at Nishihama, where she quickly becomes popular while foiling a book thief.

In Seduced by the Night Hisami is told to stay at the library overnight to look for a poltergeist. Anita offers to stay with Hisami, which balloons into a giant slumber party for the class.

In Goodbye Japan Anita's class throws Anita a goodbye party.

In D.O.D -DREAM OR DIE- it is revealed that Nishihama is a test subject for the British Library's brainwashing experiments. Nobody remembers who Anita is, but the school appears to be a happier place in general.


  • Anita wrecks the school library in The Seventh Grade Course, but by Seduced by the Night the library is repaired and no mention is made to the incident.
  • Anita's form is labeled 1-2, "First Grade, Class 2". In Japan grades start over again when the student enters a new school, as education is more standardized around the country. In the United States, junior high students would say they were in seventh, eighth or ninth grade, regardless of which school they were in before; Anita is in the equivalent of seventh grade.
  • Grade levels
    • 6 - 7: Year 1: Elementary school
    • 7 - 8: Year 2: Elementary school
    • 8 - 9: Year 3: Elementary school
    • 9 - 10: Year 4: Elementary school
    • 10 - 11: Year 5: Elementary school
    • 11 - 12: Year 6: Elementary school
    • 12 - 13: Year 1: Junior high school / Lower secondary school
    • 13 - 14: Year 2: Junior high school / Lower secondary school
    • 14 - 15: Year 3: Junior high school / Lower secondary school
    • 15 - 16: Year 1: High school / Upper secondary school
    • 16 - 17: Year 2: High school / Upper secondary school
    • 17 - 18: Year 3: High school / Upper secondary school
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