Lily the Reader Extraordinaire is a book thief that appears in the Read or Dream Manga 2 and Read or Dream Manga 3. In volume two she was the antagonist against Anita alone, when her sisters were away, but faces all three in volume 3. In scanslations she is also known as the Kaidoku Lily.


Given her physical appearance and mode of dress, Lily appears to have Asian heritage. Part of her hair is tied up in a topknot on her head. She wears a modified Cheongsam in both appearances and a stylized armband on her left arm.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lily is remarkably adept at disguise, using different ones to infiltrate and steal items of interest. She uses some form of martial arts for hand-to-hand combat, but prefers to rely on a variety of potions and toxins to immobilize her enemies while she robs them. These are stored in small bottles, which she throws to break open (she would have applied the antidote under her nostrils beforehand).

In addition, Lily has a 'partner' - a giant black panther named Orion. Anita calls him a pet, but Lily corrects her, saying that "he's a precious member of my family". Orion conceals himself and attacks on Lily's command. He is also large enough for Lily to ride on.


In Read or Dream Manga 2, Lily disguises herself and introduces herself to Anita as "Becky Miao". She explains that her grandfather had owned a rare book, the Clock Diary. Unfortunately, it was stolen by the mafia; worse, the Clock Diary is due to unlock very soon.

Anita, wishing to prove that she's competent without her sisters, takes on the job to steal it back. She soon realizes that she's been tricked when she's actually broken into the vault of Mr. Tsai, a book collector and old friend. Lily drugs Anita, Mr. Tsai and an assistant and steals the book.

Lily returns to her hideout to celebrate, but Anita tracks her down and breaks in while Lily is showering. Fortunately, Orion is keeping watch and nearly kills Anita when Lily, clad only in a towel, tells him to stand down. Impressed by Anita's abilities, Lily invites Anita to join her and Orion. Anita refuses, so Lily sends Orion to "torment her a bit". Anita fends them off with a bottle of pepper, distracting them long enough to retrieve the book and Mr. Tsai and his assistant to arrive; Lily flees on Orion's back, saying that she and Anita will meet again someday.