Jean-Henri Fabre the Historical FigureEdit

"Born in Saint Leons in 1823, Jean-Henri Fabre is renowned for his popularization of the study of natural history involving insects (entomology). Although a reclusive amateur with no scientific training, he was an acute observer of insect behavior and is credited with setting the standards of observational patience and accuracy that were adopted by all subsequent investigators including Charles Darwin. His most famous literary contribution, the ten volumes of Souvenirs Entomoligiques attracted only mild attention durring most of the author's life. However, Fabre's humanistic writing style, beautiful watercolor renderings of flora and fauna, and valuable contributions to science were ultimately acknowledged - thus providing the then 84 year-old Fabre with election to numerous scientific societies and a government pension before his death in 1915.

Jean-Henri Fabre the I-JinEdit

Fabre middleaged on grasshopper

Fabre in middle-aged form, atop a giant grasshopper


Fabre in his younger form

Jean-Henri Fabre is the first I-Jin to cross Yomiko Readman's path, with interesting results. He was originally a French entomologist, and in Read or Die he is given distinct bug-like characteristics, such as antennae.

Fabre's primary ability is the control of bugs and bug-like robots. Not only does he ride these robots around to terrorize people, but he can control insects to search for things and appears to be able to see through them (in the first episode, he does this with a swarm of bees).

In addition, Fabre appears to be part bug himself because aside from his insect antennae, when he 'dies' he really just molts out of his skin and takes on a new, younger form. The first time this happened was during his debut in Tokyo with Yomiko where he molted from a middle aged man and into a child. The second time was during his confrontation with Drake where he was shot repeatedly, this time molting into a teenager, Only when Drake Anderson destroys his 'heart' is Fabre truly dead. Because he spends most of the time in the form of a child Fabre's personality is very chipper and cheerful.

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