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Hisami and Anita


Hisami Hishiishii is a character from "R.O.D the TV" and the "Read or Dream" manga. She is Anita King's classmate and best friend. Hisa is also friends with her classmate Tohru Okahara, who she has known since elementary school.

Hisami is a shy and quiet girl who loves books. In the Read or Dream manga, Hisami appears as a young author from Japan, who comes to Hong Kong for a book signing (mirroring Nenene in the first episode of R.O.D. the TV). The Paper Sisters are assigned to be Hisami's bodyguards; though Hisami initially faints at the mere sight of Anita, the girls soon become friends. She later hires the Paper Sisters to come to Japan when she has writer's block from attempting to write her first romantic scene.

Hisami's own agent, Ms Ishii, is determined that the Paper Sisters protect Hisami from all possible harm, include possible inhibitors to the young author's abilities. Ms Ishii, when investigating Hisami's locker, discovers a love letter and hires the sisters again to track down the unknown boy (whom the agent assumes will corrupt and break Hisami's heart and render her unable to write). However, the Paper Sisters do the exact opposite and decide to help Hisami by bringing her to her secret admirer (Tohru Okahara), which turns out to be a beneficial experience for her.

In R.O.D. the TV, Hisami and Anita first meet when Nenene Sumiregawa suggests that Anita enroll in junior high school. The girls quickly become friends; one of the first things Anita does as Hisami's friend is to propose that Anita refer to her as "Hisa" as "Hisami Hishiishii" is too hard to say. Hisami admires Anita for her intelligence and ability to speak her mind while Anita values Hisami's gentle spirit and kind nature.

Hisami's love of books could easily match those of Michelle and Maggie. Anita, despite her extreme dislike of books, reads out of devotion to Hisami and reluctantly becomes a member of the school's book club in order to be in the same club as Hisami. It is because of Hisami that Anita writes a book report on Midnight Liberation Zone (written by Nenene) and reads Anne of Green Gables when Hisami reveals she considers their friendship like that of Anne Shirley (the protagonist of Anne of Green Gables) and Anne's closest friend, Diana Barry.

Before Anita came to her school, Hisami had very few friends, none of which were very close. She came to see books as her friends and became a devoted reader; her desire for Anita to love books as well stems from Hisami's hope that Anita would come to enjoy and befriend them as Hisami did herself. At the end of the television series, Hisami, like her manga counterpart, has written a book, with Anita noting that Hisami is at the same age that Nenene wrote her first book.

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