As the medical efforts to extend Mr. Gentleman’s lifespan become less successful, this alternate method to rejuvinate Mr. Gentleman is created. It was determined that a normal human body does not have the capacity to store Mr. Gentleman’s enormous knowledge, and as a result the host body of an I-Jin was thought to be needed, as they have a great deal of adaptability and would be hopefully capable of containing Mr. Gentleman’s extensive knowledge.


The aim of the Gentleman Resuscitation Project was to artificially create a host body to store Mr. Gentleman's extensive knowledge, using DNA from the great men of history or I-Jin.


The Department of Dominant Gene Conservation of the Special Operations Division was able to build up a collection of skin and hair samples from a wide variety of historical figures and several dozens proved viable for cultivation. However, a break-in by Dokusensha in 2000, resulted in several of the samples being stolen. These samples were then used to create the I-Jin, who threatened to destroy the world.

Following the lose of the samples, the project was terminated and followed up by Sleeping Book Collection Operation.

After the books had been retrieved, Joseph Carpenter re-started the project.

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