Gennai hiraga

Gennai Hiraga The Historical FigureEdit

Hiraga Gennai was a Japanese man living in the Edo period. Born 1729 died 1779. He formally displayed an elekiter (an electrolastic generator) in 1776. An elekiter is a small box that generates electricity through creating friction , then stores the electricity. Gennai supposedly acquired his elekiter on his second trip to Nagasaki but apperantly his elekiter was originally from Holland.

Gennai Hiraga The I-JinEdit

Gennai Hiraga is the first I-Jin to be shown in Read or Die, where he uses his abilities to destroy the White House. He is cloned from an 18th century samurai who was also an inventor.

Hiraga wears a box called an Elekiter, which generates green-tinted electricity. With it, Hiraga can control electricity: he can produce it from the box to attack buildings or vehicles or drain the power out of a large area. In addition, he has two swords that distinctly resemble lightsabers in the Elekiter that he can pull out and wield, he is a samurai, after all.

This ability is a double-edged sword when Hiraga works around metal. It makes him bulletproof, the electricity he generates attracts bullets and neutralizes shots at him. However, he cannot attack in a place surrounded by metal, since it draws the electricity away from his target and into the metal.




Gennai electrocutor active




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