Genjo Sanzo The Historical FigureEdit


"Better known by his Chinese name, Hsuan-tsang, Genjo Sanzo was born in the early 7th century A.D. While still a boy he was ordained as a Buddhist priest and was transferred to the Temple of Great Learning in Chang-an - a monastic community devoted to the translation of sacred texts from India. Discouraged by the variety of interpretations for these texts, Hsuan-tsang setout on a daring journey following the Silk Road to India to bring back more authentic scriptures to China. His detailed accounts of this journey from 627 to 643 provide the first reliable information about the distant countries, terrain and customs he encountered. Some of the bones of Genjo Sanzo were retrieved from China by Imperial Japanese army units in 1942 and are housed in Japan's Yakushiji temple. " (Taken from the Read or Die OVA DVD "Archives" )

Genjo Sanzo The I-JinEdit

Genjo sanzo

Genjo as an I-Jin

Genjo Sanzo is better known as the author of "Great Tang Records on the Western Regions" from which "Journey to the West" or "Saiyuki was derived", but in the Read or Die OVA he dresses and has powers similar to characters from Journey to the West. He is extremely serious in his mission to retrieve the book that Yomiko holds.

Sanzo wields a metal staff called a Nyoi-Bo, which can extend and contract at will. There is no limit to this: he uses it once to dodge an explosive attack by extending the staff while he's standing on top of it, and even destroys an orbiting British spy satellite. The ends also have a device which produces flames. He is extremely adept at wielding this weapon; he can block bullets quite easily with it.

Sanzo also has numerous abilities at his disposal. He can breathe a large amount fire and produce a cloud of steam to travel on. He can also extend his spiritual energy (qi) to part water or negate someone's special ability.


Genjo destroys a satellite with the Nyoi-bo after he notices it observing him

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