R.O.D the TV
"Fahrenheit 451"


Episode no. TV 16
Airdate December 16, 2003 (Japan)
April 5, 2005 (US)
Year 2007
Episode chronology
Previous episode "In the Gray Light of the Abyss"
Next episode "Sweet Home"

Episode SynopsisEdit

Nenene Sumiregawa's reuniting with Yomiko Readman is cut short when Joseph Carpenter appears, demanding the return of his book. The girls escape, only to find that the situation has become much worse.

Extended SummaryEdit

Joseph Carpenter tracks Nenene to find Yomiko. He lashes out about Yomiko's actions and how he was forced to ally with Dokusensha because of the destruction she caused to the Special Operations Division. After his words fail, he forces her to surrender the book she stole before going into hiding. After the Paper Sisters overpower Joseph Carpenter's troops and the group escapes, Joseph Carpenter implements "Operation: Fahrenheit 451". All the bookstores in Jinbocho are looted, with the authority of the Japanese government, and the books are piled at the street intersection. Michelle Cheung meets a store manager she met in "Let's Meet in Jinbocho", who tells her that the intruders are stealing most of the books. Furthermore, the police have refused to intervene. When Yomiko and the others arrive, Wendy Earheart has petroleum sprayed on the books and then ignites the pile. Standing before the bonfire, she tells The Paper that she must suffer for her crimes.


  • Joseph Carpenter has already gained leverage and/or control over the Japanese government. One store owner is shown an official form when he protests the looting. Another owner tells Michelle that the police have refused to intervene.
  • In addition to water, Papermasters are vulnerable to sound waves which disorient them and break their concentration.
  • The episode title is based on the book "Fahrenheit 451". The book is about a dystopian future where books are burned.
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