The original cabal that formed Dokusensha.


The Dokusensha Book store in 1994.


Dokusensha (読仙社, (du2 xian1 she4, lit. "Immortal Reading Society" in Chinese, translated as Hermit Reader Guild) is an organization of the civil office under the Chinese Imperial Court. It was said that they protected the Imperial Dynasty for generations. They preserved book collections and researched Chinese idea’s culture politics, chemistry, fighting tactics, and black magic. When the dynasty fell, they disappeared from the world stage. They reappeared in 1994, by restyling themselves as rare book stores and consolidated power under this new front. Their new purpose is to regulate their citizens and to destroy the British Empire.

Dokusensha is ostensibly a Chinese bookstore chain selling rare books, but in reality, Dokusensha is an intelligence gathering operation rivalling the Special Operations Division. It is the power behind China's authority (and to a certain extend, the whole Eastern world), much in the way the British Library is the power behind the United Kingdom (and to a certain extent, the whole Western world).

A female counterpart to Mr. Gentleman, Grandmother, also called "China", wife of Gentleman 500,000 years ago, she is now the controller of Dokusensha. Unlike Gentleman, who takes a helpless old man form on a wheel chair, Grandmother takes the form of a young girl to preserve her energy.

Dokusensha still lives today.

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