Deep is the name of the ability to phase one's body or parts of one's body through solid objects at will. The ability can be extended to clothing and items on the person as well. The ability is extremely versatile; feats include:

  • allowing gunfire to pass through while returning fire
  • falling through floors/ceilings in a controlled drop
  • reaching into solid containers to manipulate contents
  • reaching into solid objects to gain a secure grip
  • reaching through a solid object to attack on the other side
  • walking through walls or solid objects

Deep users have a physical limit on how much damage their bodies can phase. The ability is best suited for objects to pass through the user quickly: it can be used to launch surprise attacks from behind/through a shield, throw an opponent off balance during close combat or quickly escape a situation. If an object stays inside the phased user for a prolonged period of time, the user risks internal damage.

Like Papermasters, the ability appears to be genetic. Deep users can also counter other deep users, nullifying each other's ability.

Deep abilityEdit

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