Read or Die character
Daryl Weber
Gender Male
Age 44
Nationality English
Occupation Expert in acoustic psychology
Voice Actor


An enthusiast and supporter of the British Empire. After the fire incident in the Special Operations Division, he was entrusted by the British library to guard "The Book of Pulsating Flesh" of the the Gentleman Books. He lives in a villa together with his faithful servant, Irving. The villa exterior and interior were specially design to detect disturbance from a certain distance and at the same time emit frequency on its own. As shown in TV series, he is an expert in sound and frequency where he uses a pipe organ (also known as a frequency organ) to transmit various frequency to control mammals, manipulate people emotions and create a visible shield to protect himself. He holds a grudge against Yomiko Readman since she was responsible for the fire in the British Library. Though he proves to be a challenge to the Paper Sisters, he is defeated when he is unable to deflect a book that is thrown at him by Anita King.

Staff Data1

Weber in archive.

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