R.O.D the TV
Episode no. TV 18
Airdate January 1, 2004 (Japan)
April 7, 2005 (US)
Year 2007
Episode chronology
Previous episode "Sweet Home"
Next episode "The Family Game"

Episode SynopsisEdit

After the night's confrontation, Yomiko Readman goes into isolation. The household resumes a tentative peace until Yomiko reappears with an explanation of past events. Junior accidentally phases into The Book of Clairvoyant Eyes, which gives everyone a firsthand experience of the Library's destruction and reveals an unknown element in Anita King's past.

Extended SummaryEdit

Yomiko explains about the history of the I-Jin and Joseph Carpenter's actions. After the I-Jin had been defeated, Joseph Carpenter ignored Yomiko's requests for mercy. Nancy Makuhari was to be executed for treason and Junior would be used for Mr. Gentleman revival. Phasing into The Book of Clairvoyant Eyes, the flashback reveals that after being shown what had happened to Donny Nakajima, Yomiko went beserk and caused the fire that nearly shattered the power of the Special Operations Division.

Yomiko says that after the library was burned she could not stop Joseph Carpenter or help Junior, so she stole The Book of Clairvoyant Eyes and took Nancy Makuhari to safety. She admits her cowardice.